Besides the Momo Bella Peach Which do you hate?

  1. So besides the Momo Bella who is now quite un-popular, who else do you not like?

    I can't stand the motorcycle girl on the Citta. It annoys me because if her head is chopped off all you see is stupid motorcycle!
  2. The baby-butt!!
    The floating Sandy heads on OP kinda bother me.
    I used to dislike the girls, but they don't really bother me anymore.
  3. sumo baby!
  4. Oh yes, I agree, that sumo-baby-butt is somewhat unattractive to me.

    The coral and fish scene on the Spiaggia print does not seem flattering. The cleavage and chopped off heads on the Spiaggia print as well.
  5. I actually like the sumo baby :p as for a character I don't like... I'll have to get back to you on that :biggrin:
  6. i dont like sandy, sumo baby, and bastardino.
  7. the baby... and the girls on the pirata and citta bags and stuff
  8. hmmm besides the momo bella peach...i'd rather avoid the following on my bags:

    foresta: evil apples!

    inferno: pizza eating devil, weenie roasting devil..i dunno they just look weird to me. not as kyoot as the diaper devils.

    trasporto: the cherries riding the bike together..cuz its just momo bella peach in disguise!
  9. the evel apples, the evel candy, all the girls the mushrooms ( only in the AS print because of the colors )
  10. ooo yes i agree... i hate the evil bat candies and the vampire mushrooms on the AS print
  11. i actually don't mind momo bella peach... i don't like the apples w/ fangs :sad: i like apples but not the fangs! i think the fish on spiaggia are cute :smile: i don't know..i guess i don't really hate any character but i know which ones i LIKE! everyone has their own i try to get the LEAST amount of Adios on my bags even though other ppl LOVE him! i try to go for the actual scene/colors as a whole...
  12. i love the evil candies and apples xD the mushrooms too!
  13. i hate the japanese baby that grows up to be a ho.
  14. iono... it may be cute for younger people... but if ur 20+ do u really want a baby's butt visible on ur bag? lol.
  15. I don't like the chili peppers :yucky: especially on Adios Star. :tdown: