Besides the LVs - What other pens fit the sm. agenda?

  1. I've loaded my new agenda up with filofax inserts but I can't find a pen that will fit and I refuse to spend $200 on an LV pen (call me crazy:graucho: ). Any ideas?? I did stop at Tiffanys but theirs are blue or silver and I wanted to get something in gold or mandarin like the agenda?
  2. GREAT pens! Thanks bagsnbags.... I need one of those too!
  3. Pretty, more reasonably priced, comes in pink...but it's impossible to tell how thick it is. I wonder if it's slim enough to fit in the tiny little pen loop on the small agenda? Wish I'd thought to stop at the Cross store when I walked past it earlier this week!
  4. I know - I have no idea the diameter of the pen. I have a cross pen somewhere in my home and I am expecting an agenda home soon. If I can find the pen I will see if it fits the agenda when I get it.
  5. I agree Lola!

    Are people not worried about the pen in their agenda exploding ?
  7. Ew. Now that is something I hadn't thought about!
  8. Not worried about it, besides, if it's the LV pen or a Tiffany's pen I can't help but think they would do something for you if that were to happen b/c a good pen should not explode as far as I'm concerned.....
  9. I hadn't realied just how tiny that little loop is! I stopped at a stationery store today and got the only pen that fit--I think it is this one Zebra Pen.
    Gold would have been better, but this was all they had.

    It is TINY and still a tight fit!
  10. Ok. So just to clarify....The BLUE Tiffany Pen will fit inside a small agenda?

    It will match perfectly with my new blue groom agenda :smile:
  11. Can anybody actually tell me WHY WHY WHY vuitton original pen costs over 200 dollars? I always loose pens and i just cant imagine replacing them all the time lol