Besides the charms,

  1. what Coach keyfobs do you guys own? I just got my driver's license today :smile: :smile: and would love to see some pictures!! I like the Multi-enamel stars key chain on the site but will check out what they have at the outlets first, unless I see one I really like on eBay or something :smile:
  2. My favorite of the few I own is the multi handbag key fob. It has 5 or 6 different styles of handbags that Coach offers in different colors some of which are embossed with C's and is really really cute.
  3. I have a multi hearts key fob, pink daisy keyfob and a goldfish keyfob. In this pic you can see the daisy and hearts one (sorry for the group photo - I have to post this quick and then take my poor dog for a walk). I don't have a pic of the goldfish (plus, I've had him for close to a year and do use him everyday, so he's pretty beat up).
  4. congrats on your drivers license!

    i have the breast cancer keychain, the patent pink daisy, new signature flower, and a pink lurex photo frame.
  5. [​IMG]

    :whistle: yes, I have a problem :angel:
  6. Congrats!!

    I have this minus the clover. I want to get one more too, I was thinking of the conversationhearts, but.. I don't know, think its too girly?
    group charms and bal first grey.jpg
  7. I think if you can afford it the oversized stars would be cute, I can't spend that much on a keychain with my newfound bal addiction, but thats really cute, and so is the rest of the normal size. I love pairing the lips to the flipflop, maybe get a charm and a normal sized keyring?
  8. :heart: it!
  9. Congrats on your license! I gave my sister-in-law a coach key chain on her 16th birthday too!

    FYI - I've found that the pave keyfobs don't hold up that well...the stones fall out. I had one I bought at the outlet, and I returned it. (for $40 - it should NOT fall apart!)

    You could also get a mini has a key ring on it, and can hold your new license (if you don't want to carry a full purse)

    these are mine:
  10. HAAAAAAAA i love your collection! sell me your apple one! and your striped legacy coin purse! HAHA! great collection!
  11. I have the snowflake keyfob that deweydrop has, the breast cancer awareness, gallery tote & the multiflower (daisy) keyfob. That's it as of now, but I don't use them for my keys more as a decoration on my bags. The snowflake keyfob looks great on the keys though, I may have to do it.
  12. I had to take my snowflake key fob off my keys...was getting depressing...having the ONLY SNOW in the area, being on my keys. (I live in'd THINK we'd have seen snow by now...but NO!) :push:
  13. I know how you feel....I'm in Virginia & we haven't seen alot of snow in the past few years. I think last year we got a couple feet at most & last night was literally 2 seconds of wet flurries. My son is waiting for the snow, he keeps asking & I'm like I can't change the weather LOL, I wish I could if we aren't getting any snow why bother w/ the cold,I would love to make it atleast warm. HAHA
  14. i have the same hearts and stars key fob that deweydrop has. i love mine!
  15. Here are a few of mine. I have the small stars and love them but if you put your keys in your pocket you are bound to get poked a couple times. They are still cute though.