besides small tote, any other chanel styles under $1400

  1. not too familiar w/ chanel yet, need some ideas around that budget. thanks
  2. The caviar East-West (that was $1050 pre increase) is now $1325.
  3. Black large vinyl cabas $995
  4. but i don't think there's any more of these available now, is there? and how is the quality of the vinyl?
  5. You should check out one of the many threads that have been ongoing regarding pricing, like this one: 2007 price increases.
  6. I think its pretty hard to get one now. The quality of the vinyl feels good to me! :yes:
  7. denim coco cabases will be under $1,400
    cambon bowler with patent CC is $1,300 - something
    Naked Bags will be $895 and $995
    there's another small one, i think its a variation of the classic flap, that is lovely and is under $1,200 - i saw it today but can't remember the details, i just remember liking it alot and thinking "what a good price for a classic Chanel"

    good luck, with the expertise of the girls on tPF, you will find your Chanel at your price!
  8. I'd love to get my hands on one of these.
  9. The Perfect Tote (Perforated Tote) E/W $1395.
    I believe some clutches are under $1400.