Besides purses what are you obsessed with?

  1. For me it is my dog. People think I am totally crazy when it comes to my dog. I take him EVERYWHERE. He goes with me to work every day. I almost never leave him home alone. Sometimes I won't go out just because I rather stay at home with him. Even my DH thinks I am a little crazy and he LOVES animals and works at an Animal Hospital.

    Also I LOVE music. I have over 25,000 songs in my 80Gig Ipod. I could fill up a 200Gig Ipod if they made them.

    And also celeb. gossip. I also love
  2. Shoes and Make-up (eye shadow lipsticks and lipgloss) and yeah books and magazines I love to read

    if that is ur dog in the pic tooo cute
  3. Celeb gossip, and gasp, Paris Hilton :shame:
  4. I would say music and my love of business. I'm always reading up new ventures and plotting for my own. :biggrin:
  5. i must agree with the whole dog thing!

    i'm totally obsessed with my chihuahua! -- i won't leave home at times, too because i hate leaving her .. lol!

    .. music, as well! i LOOOOVE music! i have a gazillion songs on my ipod, as well! .. & my musical taste is all over the place! ..

    .. sports is a huge obsession for me too! i looove baseball and football! & hate missing a game! i must watch them ALL! haha! ..

    .. ultimately i think i have an "obsessive" personality .. there are TONS of things that i LOOOOOVE! obsessive sounds a little crazy -- but ya'll know what i mean! .. i like to call it passionate! .. haha! once i'm into something .. that's it .. i go full force! :smile:
  6. Really into keeping my Chihuahuas happy and healthy! I feed them a completely natural diet, though it is cooked (I will not endanger their health with the potential harm of raw food). They only get high-quality kibbles on occasion. The usual too many toys and beds, and I love to take them with me whenever I can. I love them to bits!

    I collect folk pottery, Ugly/Face Jugs, books, antiques in general, a hobby I've had since I was 6. My parents do the same, which is how I became involved in it.

    I collect jewelry, more or less because my Dad buys my sister and I so much of it (we prefer antique, pre-1930)

    I am very much into cooking!!! I finally tired of processed foods or foods in general that contain completely unnatural ingredients (and how a lot of things taste the same!), so I dumped it all and now only consume locally grown veggies/fruits, meats, and dairy products. Same goes for all dry ingredients and spices. If I can't get it locally, I buy organic/fair trade. The whole process takes a bit more time and effort, but it makes me feel better as a person (same for SO), and it helps the environment. No more fast food and I try to stay out of a lot of mainstream restaurants, but I'm not a beast about it, lol! Cooking is my zen area, as corny as that sounds; I like to take time to prepare the ingredients, then cook it carefully, and enjoy it slowly. I get myself in trouble regularly by putting off studying to prepare the night's dinner ingredients :shame: Not much baking though, I don't know why, I'm just not that into baking.

    I like to garden, but I don't get to do it as often as I would like. I don't have enough space for a garden, so my Dad and I share one at my parent's house. We grow enough eggplant, beans, squash, cucumbers, and more than enough tomatoes for our immediate family.
  7. I love my cat Figaro. Named for Figaro in the Opera The Marriage of Figaro. I love going to the theater. I will see anything! I try to see all the new shows that open on Broadway every year.
  8. Chocolate. :shame:
  9. and I am a secret fan of "Dancing with the Stars".
  10. Hmmm, neat thread! I am a total bookworm, and also, strangely (?), a workout/sports LOVER! Not to say that I don't love to eat, too. Yes, eating and food are definitely two more obsessions. And my kitty, Mumu. :p

    Oh, I like Hello Kitty also, but I wouldn't say I'm obsessed.
  11. Besides handbags, I have an obsession with watches!!! I have a bunch of them. =)
  12. Gardening and plants.
    Seasonal Decorating
  13. Well, I'm definitely obsessed with my dog. (She just walked in the room so she must have known I was talking about her.) I can't bring her to work but I try not to be gone too long and leave her alone too long.
  14. -Makeup
    -My dogs (lab and lab mix-so I can't take them everywhere :p) but take them to the dog park almost every day
    -Did I mention makeup
    - coffee drinks (or other caffeinated drinks)
    - stupid reality shows
    - sometimes scrapbooking (it comes and goes)
    -science & technology stuff (I teach chemistry)
  15. Cars... We have had 20 personal cars in the past 2 years :smile: (thats not including the ones we bought just to sell on the side). Hehehe