Besides LV........

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  1. Okay. We are all in agreement here that we MUST have our LVs to go thru life.

    What other items do you require to maintain that LV style?

    Are you addicted / sworn to a certain brand of clothes or shoes?

    What about your must have beauty items?

    ALL of these things keep us in that high class LV style that we LVoe and are known for.
  2. I'm not sworn to a certain brand and happily switches if something better comes along, but some things have proven to be valuable to me for a while and I guess is something I'm seen wearing often:

    Touche éclat by YSL
    Scarves and similar usually by hermes,but I have some others and LV as well.
    I always use sunnies. Usually LV ones.
  3. I have to have Estee Lauder makeup!
  4. Creme de la mer face cream. Crazy but true, it's the only cream that took away my dry spots. Before I "discovered" it, I needed an RX from the dermatologist. Everyday, I must use creme de la mer & carry LV. They're not luxury items to me, their necessities...tee hee:wlae:.
  5. Have to have Estee cosmetics! Advanced Night Repair baby! :tup:

    ...and Elisabeth Arden 8h creme for just about everything
  6. I like clothes, shoes and accessories from Hermes, Prada, Moschino and Marc Jacobs.

    For skincare and makeup, I love Shiseido, Guerlain and MAC.

  7. I really like INC clothes.
    As for makeup, I buy a little bit of everything but have my favorites.

    Laura Mercier products
    Chanel lipglosses
    Hermes-Caleche perfume (my favorite right now)
    Virgins, Saints and Angels jewelry
    Tiffany jewelry
  8. I have that Elizabeth Arden 8h cream. That is amazing stuff.
  9. ooo and Chanel Chance perfume!!!
  10. For me, Molton Brown cosmetics (facewash, hydrater etc.). Calvin Klein/DKNY/Hugo Boss fragrances. In terms of clothing, designer jeans are a must, True Religions, Seven For All Mankind and Rock & Republic in particular. Otherwise I favour Ralph Lauren and Lacoste for jumpers, polos etc. I think that's it really! I am also addicted to getting the latest fashion phones, had the Prada phone now have the iPhone.
  11. i adore Pond's Dry Skin Cream, it worked wonders on my skin! i was recommened it by my best friend. We love it!
  12. Cosmetics - Chanel (perfume, lipstick/gloss), M.A.C. (makeup), BlissSpa (body stuff), and Kiehl's (face stuff)
    Car - BMW
    Jewelry - Tiffany & Co. (diamonds and housewares)
  13. Hmmm...LV may be my only real addiction. I guess I do only use MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows.
  14. My Chanel makeup. It is slowly becoming my other addition.
  15. Clothing n Accessories beside LV: Versace and Dolce Gabbana Jeans, other than jeans, Versace, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dolce Gabbana, and other Italian brands.
    Beside LV, I love Gucci and Prada sneakers.
    Chanel Allure Sport Home, Prada for men and Versace Eau Fraiche for my perfume.
    Skin care, Shiseido for men n Sisleya.

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