besides LV pen in agenda...

  1. what kinda of pen can i buy that would be skinny enuf to fit inside the agendas. i cant' seem to find any that would fit. any suggestions?
  2. Go to Sanrio I found a pen that fits exactly it does not have any sanrio decor it comes in green or blue and is about 3.00 but it work good and it the right fit. It s in the middle where all the pens and pencils are.
  3. thanks! i'll go look first thing tommorw. i just can't see myself spending $200 on a pen from LV
  4. I have a Pomme agenda... and I saw a post by another pf'r that had one and she got a Fisher Space Pen!
    I ordered one... there are several colors, but the RED is a GREAT match to the Pomme agenda.. it's thin and small.. REALLY inexpensive and for a VERY nominal fee I had my name engraved!! It's TOO CUTE!!!:heart:
  5. wow i love the red pen. it's sooo cheap too. i'm gonna get that one for sure.
  6. I saw someone using a pen from Tiffany, which looks nice !!!! It's PINK !! :smile:
  7. I use a mont blanc it doesn't fit in the loop but this is how I attatch it
    Agenda pen.jpg Agenda & Pen side shot.jpg Agenda front.jpg
  8. i have a silver one from lamy
    fits perfectly!
  9. I use a Zebra pen (I think that's what it's called) in mine and it fits perfectly! I got it at Giant Food but it looks great. You could also do one of those Fisher Space pens, or the Tiffany pens are also really cute.