Besides Lots of Baggage !

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  1. What other habits or hobbies do you have ?

    I love Cooking,Palates, Traveling, my job and my Family.
  2. Mine are my family, the clothing line I just started (for parents with kids in sports;) !), I would LOVE to travel more and I LOVE watching movies in my spare time!!!
  3. Running and lifting weights, reading, sleeping (yes, it's a hobby!), baking, anything related to music, fishing, diving, boating....
  4. i enjoy trying new restaurants and types of food, college football, politics, and reading short story anthologies.

    and long walks on the beach and a glass of red wine in front of a warm fire.
  5. reading, cardio kickbox, TENNIS!
  6. reading.. writting.. mmm.. and my best thing ever "sitting alone silently in my room before bed time.. and opening the window.. to breath that day out!"<< i could stay an hour like that.. :smile:
  7. trevlling, reading
  8. Hmm...I love travel. Especially the caribbean. Reading, cooking, movies, shopping, sunbathing (can't wait for summer).