Besides Handbags what do you sell on ebay?

  1. I sell mostly handbags but also had been selling men's suits and sports coats.

  2. I sell mens clothes and womens clothes mostly, don't sell bags very often
  3. I've sold a number of clothes, particularly clothes from my kids that still had tags on 'em (dang those kids). I've sold some of my own clothes as well, and a few knick knacks (lladro figurine, for example).
  4. Handbags, women's clothing-mostly tops, some resale, but most NWT. Occasionally I sell my girls clothing, especially the formal wear and better dresses. Oh, and occasionally shoes too.
  5. I have sold a few heavy sari's that my husbands relatives have given me but I will never wear and a few new items of kids clothes, again that what people buy for my kids but are too small in size.
    Im more of a buyer than a seller though.
  6. I've sold a whole variety - shoes, cosmetics, skin care, books, CDs, DVDs, PartyLite, clothing, toys, kitchenware, Christmas ornaments, etc.
  7. Mainly new & mint-condition clothings and jewelries. Sold a couple of handbags only.
  8. The past couple of years it's been mostly handbags, but I have sold a buttload of Longaberger baskets, and concert tickets.

    I did sell my entire Beanie Baby collection several years ago, all in one listing for over $20,000.00. The buyer paid me via cashiers check off eBay, which saved me a small fortune in eBay fees. That was a great transaction. Wish there were more buyers like him.
  9. Yipes, how many beanie babies was that? Wish i could find a hidden stash of those!!!
  10. OMG!!! That's the most AMAZING thing I've heard of yet! Fabulous for you! My goodness. Yes - how many did you list???????:popcorn: I have many but they've been thrashed because my kids used them so much!!

    I usually sell mostly handbags - but I do list lots and lots of good clothing that my kids have outgrown. I've sold some of my things too - I find that name brand stuff sells better - "Old Navy"Gap", etc. I try to put most of that stuff in my store, but sometimes that way, it sits for ages and I mean AGES (SOMETIMES YEARS!!):sad: Then I just donate it.
  11. i sell clothing, shoes and accessories. plus the odd house thing like ornaments or whatever i have in the house that i need to get rid of. i need to get rid of everything actually. LOL.
  12. Bags, clothes, jewelery, books, stationaries. Once, I sold a coffee maker that I got for free. I've also sold some unwanted wedding gifts.
  13. I remember Beanie babies were really big during the mid 90's upto the early 2000's. Wonder why they went down in value so much ?
  14. I usually sell whatever I need to get rid of. It's usually bags and clothes but someimes includes other items.
  15. i have sold a few pairs of True religion jeans and womens shoes.