Besides elux, anywhere to buy LV bags online?

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  1. LV controls it's distribution so tightly that I've not been able to find anywhere else selling LV than Do you guys out there have a clue?
  2. I think is the only place that is authorized to sell real LV's online.
  3. pursegalsf is right. elux is the only place to get lv online
  4. In some places you can order direct from the louis vuitton website (I did), but other than that, elux is the only option.
  5. If you just call up the Vuitton number they'll pretty much get you anything and it's about as easy as going through elux :smile:
  6. absolutely!
  7. Besides elux, anywhere to buy LV bags online?

    No. That's the long and short of it.
  8. Some ladies on here sell authentic LV bags. I just sold my Speedy 35 to another board member.
  9. You can buy previously owned LV bags from online consignment shops, but the selections are usually very limited. I'm always checking Jill's Consignment ( and Jemznjewels ( Still, my first LV will probably come from
  10. Yea, so my innermost fear is a reality :P

    Thanks for your replies!