Besides Cartier - who else makes a tank watch ?

  1. with a leather strap. Anything nice that you all could recommend? Thanks!!
  2. I am not sure what your price range is but I’ll try to come up with random names, LOL:

    Well you can have a Tank Americaine with an alligator strap if you don't like the standard Française or if that is too manly (I think so anyway) you can have the Tiffany’s Grand watch which is also a tank style – I think it’s really elegant – and better because it’s cheaper and it’s got a second hand as well!

    The Japanese sushi chef lady in my office has a Baume and Mercier Hampton tank style watch. I think it’s real because a director gave it to her. There is something ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ about it and it is really cute [and last time I checked only about $1,000].

    Heehee, if you want the ultimate tank style watch and the sky is limit then Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is only option and no less. Here is my bog-standard stainless one that I wear to work everyday. You can get a satin (or unofficial leather) strap put on this and you can go two rows of diamonds or have the whole face iced if you want. Simply because it’s a Patek Philippe, I can get away wearing bling on my watch during the day and those who were going to complain just shut up when they see the Calatrava cross logo (see my avatar) on the clasp, LOL.

    Sorry for bad pic, it's 9.15 in the evening and the pic comes out in a weirdo colour because of the artificial light and it's taken using a diabolical camera phone that my firm gave me for free.

  3. That's one gorgeous watch Bee..Bee! Can I ask how much i retails for? Do you know a approx price if we loose the ice on the sides and keep the small ice on the dial? :P
  4. Of course, the recommended retail price of my version is £4900 or $8900 for the US but that's from a full blown boutique if you go to an authorised dealer you can get at least 10% discount on it: I got mine in Thailand and got 20% off the official price!

    Unfortunately you can't lose the ice on the casing (as far as I know anyway and I've checked their website), this is one of the cheapest Patek you can get :P!
  5. Thanks Bee...Bee! I better start saving... so far I've only stayed in the 1000 usd marked.. :yes:
  6. That is a really nice watch! :love: I've been "unofficially saving" for a Cartier Tank so it's nice to see what other options there are. I say "unofficially saving" because I keep buying new purses with my watch money. :P
  7. Gorgeous watch!
  8. Raymond Weil makes a nice tank with a black leather band. I bought one many moons ago when I was not yet able to afford Cartier..
  9. Ketap spelled backwards is Patek, my favorite watchmaker!