besides bags, who among you are crazy for wallets?

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  1. me! guilty! because sometimes, when i want that "fix" wallet seems to satisfy that urge
    anyone has the same urges/impulses?
  2. I find myself drawn to many different wallets, but I have a hard time justifying owning more than one. Maybe it's the fact that every day I would have to move my things around? I don't know. It makes no sense, since I have like 15 handbags. But, for now, I only have one wallet.
  3. OMG!!! This is so totally me!!!
  4. I love wallets. I was just looking at a new Tano wallet today and trying to justify the purchase knowing I have at least 10 wallets and can't use all of them. Some wallets are just so cute!
  5. Count me in. I have about 6 but use only use of them. the rest are still in their respective boxes lol.......
  6. I'm a sucker for wallets lol. But it's funny, I have a bunch of new wallets in my closet that have never been used and I keep using my old beat up red leather wallet from JC Penneys.
  7. Not me...I always have a hard time justifying $200 for a wallet when I could get a really nice bag that people can actually see for a few hundred more!
  8. I have like... 5 wallets, but I find myself drooling over wallets more often these days. So... I'm getting there!
  9. I like wallets, but not "crazy" for them; I drool over the bag first, then the wallet. I think of a wallet as an accessory to the bag, so when I get a new bag, I usually like to get a new wallet to match!

    And although it may be a hassle for some to transfer everything from one wallet to another, I don't mind because I'm already transferring everything from one bag to the other bag anyway! But most of the time I use one of my neutral colored wallets, like my brown leather Fendi one, or my black leather Prada one. They go with everything!
  10. I love wallets and I have been so tempted to by an LV in amarante, but my daughter saved her money to buy me a beautiful Coach wallet a few years ago and I don't want to hurt her feelings so I keep resisting the urge.
  11. Love love love wallets! They're like mini mini cute versions of certain bags I like.
  12. I just get drawn to accessories in general when I need a little retail therapy. If I can't buy a bag, I will opt for small things like a bag charm, a cosmetics pouch, or a cute cellphone strap. I look at wallets, but I can't seem to give up using my trusty LV billfold that I love so much. It was my first LV, and it's so beautiful even after all the use it has gone through.
  13. MISSYPOO!!!!! OK....Get in that closet & grab a new wallet and use it!!!! Don't let your beautiful stuff sit in a box!!!! You bought it b/c you were in enjoy them!!!! I know it's hard but just do it!!!! :tup:
  14. guilty!
  15. I only have 2 - an MJ zip clutch & a smaller MJ for my smaller bags:smile:
    Once I find something I like that goes inside the purse I don't have the urge for new ones the way I do new purses. Same with my agenda... trusy ole LV and haven't looked or been tempted by another. This is a good thing for me & my wallet!