Besides AC, who has a nice ruby colored bag?++

  1. I already have an AC jet setter jr (black crackle) and snow metallic city so want to branch out into something else but looove the ruby color...any ideas?
  2. RM makes a good ruby wine color. The AC Ruby color in the Jet Setter is unbelievably gorgeous though IMO. Ive never seen anything like it!
  3. Is that RM color no longer available? I checked the website and I can't find it. Also, does she have a store in NYC?
  4. I have an AC mini city tote in ruby and the color is so striking! I also have the Rebecca Minkoff MAB in wine which is also a gorgeous color. I don't know if the regular size is available anywhere, but the mini is available again on a number of websites.
  5. Forgot the pics...
    winema1.jpg winema2.jpg
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. HH has a gorgeous ruby red color
  8. I don't know much about Jimmy Choo bags but they make a striking, rich ruby red color bag that looks fantastic with gold hardware.
  9. I have a Balenciaga Rouge Theater. Just do a search to look at it.