Beside purses what else do you love?!

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  1. Besides your obsession with purses, what else do you love and what are your other hobbies?
  2. I love my boyfriend, family, friends- beautiful days, swimming outdoors, and fall leaves!!
  3. I like reading, knitting, my garden and designing clothes:P .
    I love my husband, my cat Tintin and summer:love: .

  4. AWWW :love:
  5. Myself ;)

    But l love to be happy :biggrin:
  6. i love college football (GO DAWGS!), my boyfriend and family, my english bulldog puppy named Cassie Mae (which i have yet to get pictures of on my computer, unfortunately), my coworkers, and outlet malls.

    and a restaurant in Athens named Taco Stand which is beyond delicious.
  7. I enjoy running, listening to music and going to shows, reading, shopping, going to the beach, and watersports (fishing, snorkeling, boating, etc).
  8. CDs - I own over 800 and catalog them and sickly enjoy realphabetizing them every few months to incorporate new purchases.
  9. I am a designer sneaker whore :biggrin:

    I love my family and circle of friends, exercising even though I hate it sometimes too! I enjoy playing the piano, listening to music, and playing video games.
  10. I have a collection of over 80 miniature teasets. My cousin gave me one when I was 12 for my birthday present, and that started it... my mom bought me a few, and soon everyone I knew had to "contribute" to my collection. They take up 3 6-foot-high shelving units with glass door fronts, to keep the dust off, and they are currently wedged in there pretty tightly. I had to ask people to stop buying them because I have nowhere to put any more!

    The largest mini-set is child-sized. The smallest is meant for a dollhouse and is literally so tiny that you need tweezers to pick up the cups - I'm not kidding! I'm afraid to sneeze around it!

    I do have one full-sized real teaset. The count of 80 is mini teasets only, but I also have a couple of antique wine decanter sets, a miniature stemware set, a mini soup tureen and set, and a mini lemonade set.
  11. perfume, cockerspaniels, CD's, SHOES, clothes,cosmetics, earrings, and luxe coats.
  12. Shoes, coats, and photographing my incredibly beautiful children!
  13. Shoes, shoes, shoes & zapatos:smile: I really love shoes.
  14. I love my family, my boyfriend, my dog, my job and my shoes :biggrin:
  15. I love my husband, my family, my little niece, my job (I teach English literature in a high school). I love fashion photography (I collect books by Helmut Newton and David La Chapelle), cinema, literature, music, comic books (my favourite is 'Vampirella'), cooking and crocheting.
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