Beside Bags- what else do you indulge in?

  1. Hi Guys,

    are bags your only luxury or are there other indulgences?
    For me, I also like chocolate, truffles, pralinés and so on... :heart: it's quite amazing how much money you can spend on that as well, even if you don't buy large amounts... actually, my chocolate eating habits are one of the reasons why I work out about four times a week...
    So I guess vanity and gluttony are my two personal deadly sins... :devil:
  2. Fast cars!:police:
  3. Glasses and sunglasses :supacool:

    I have 2 pairs of chanel glasses and a pair of prada glasses

    I have 3 pairs of chanel sunglasses, 4 pairs of Juicy sunglasses, 2 pairs of kate spades, 1 YSL, and 2 Dior.

    I find both of these a little ironic since I wear contacts about 95% of the time and it's only sunny 3 months a year here.
  4. hMm... good question.

    Face creams!! you only get 1 face! I love using La Mer :tender:
  5. Jewelry and watches.
  6. I also love shoes...and Pucci clothes! Have had to stop buying my closet is filled to the max, and I am currently underfunded....but I have indulged plenty in the past!
  7. I wish I could say shoes. I need shoes *so* badly. But other than bags, which is a VERY expensive indulgence for me, I buy a lot of books. I must spend $1,000 a year on books. I try to cut back, use the library, buy used, take advantage of one of my credit cards (has this World Points thingy where you get gift cards, guess what I get? Amazon and Barnes and Noble). But books are cheap compared to what I've spent on bags in the past few months. The good news are they can travel together! A new book *in* a new bag!
  8. Oh, and animals. See my avatar. That's Smokey, she was a birthday gift this past December. And being we have a small farm, I'm sure come spring we'll add to our livestock. Uh, and I want a dog too....
  9. Oh man, how could I forget another recent splurge: a MacBook, which I'm using right now.:tup::love:
  10. Oh one more that I forgot. DVF dresses. I've amassed a small collection and I just can't seem to stop.
  11. i LOVE fabric!!!:heart: That's the only thing that comes close... I buy tons of it!! Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett are my favs!!:tup:
  12. Books
    Make up
  13. I cycle through phases, but I typically indulge in:
    • skincare (usually occurs whenever I go to Asia)
    • handbags (every since I started read tPF, darn it!)
    • shoes (oh Zappos, you are both my boon & my bane)
    • eating at restaurants (my friends & I have been taking at least one food-centric trip per year for the past several years)
    • food (lots of good fresh fruit/cheese/bread/etc)
    • makeup (haven't done this in a long time though, I think that this may be permanently cycled out)
    • clothes (although I justify this one by buying many things on sale)
    • nice bedsheets (hey, a person spends roughly a third of their life in bed -- might as well make it nice!)
    I haven't really done jewelry or watches -- I'm too afraid of losing pieces!

    This list makes me sound like I'm constantly in debt! :rolleyes: I'm really good about staying within my budget, and I only indulge in one item during a time period. So far, I've been good and haven't ever exceeded my budget for my indulgences -- much to the relief of DH! :lol:
  14. Makeup, perfume and jewelry!
  15. yellow gold, white gold, and diamonds !!