Besace Messenger in cinnamon pics...

  1. Hi,

    These messengers came today...

    Besace SH cinnamon.JPG

    Besace SH cinnamon 3.JPG

    besace cinnamon daylight.JPG

    besace cinnamon inside.JPG
  2. I love them, very pretty!
  3. Wow, beautiful!
  4. Very pretty!Could we see a modelling pix please?
  5. [​IMG]




    Congrats:yahoo::yahoo:the bag is gorgeous esp in silver giant HW:tup::tup:
  6. Gorgy! Modeling pic please!
  7. Wow Very Nice
  8. So pretty!
  9. I love it!
  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for the pics!
  11. I really like it! I kinda' wish, though, that they had them with RH. If they did, I would be ALL OVER IT!
  12. Cinnamon Rawks!
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!:heart::love::heart:
  14. LOVE this style. I'm with monsoon, though, and I wish it came in RH. I really like the warm brown with the cool silver hardware on yours though - congrats!
  15. Hi, could you do a modeling pic? I would love to see how long this is and how it fits under you arm. Thanks!