Besace in Bleu, I love you!

  1. :love: She's here! My Bleu Roi Besace!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    She's the most amazing clear dark blue color. And the leatherrrrrrrrrr ... I've been told that the unisex bags are thicker and it's true for this baby. Not a vein in sight and just enough distressing to make her interesting. Silky, smooshy, can't-quit-caressing-it skin. And ACRES of it!!!!!! There's another whole bag's worth of luscious Balenciaga leather in the flap alone!!!! She molds beautifully to my hip and has a lovely w-i-d-e strap to distribute the weight of whatever I load into her. We're going places, she and I ...
    messenger2.jpg messenger3.jpg messenger4.jpg
  2. :smile: Congrats!! The color looks gorgeous!!!
  3. This looks absolutely adorable on you!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:

  4. lovely!
  5. completely :drool:-worthy

    i love your modeling pics too! :love:
  6. Looks great on you! The style is so original-love it! :yes:
  7. Congrats! Gorgeous bag.:drool:
  8. i like the style! congrats!
  9. :nuts:

    That's just LOVELY! Congrats!!!
  10. Blueberry is such a great color! I am really happy for you!
  11. looks great on you! congrats! btw is this style new?
  12. Yes, definitely fabulous! Looks great on you. Congrats!
  13. it gorgeous ! you rock the bag !!
  14. Wow, I've never really looked at that style but it's fabulous! LOVE the blueberry too:love:
  15. You look so chic with the boots too!! I love your style! :nuts: