Besace and Medium Muse Two

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  1. Here are my 2 new lovelies, modeling from all angles :yahoo:
    I am done, done, done!! (I hope!)



  2. cograts!!! I love them. They are cute and quite different, so it's impossible to prefer one to another. A lot of luck and many happy days with your bags))))
  3. Oh, what a wonderful surprise. I did not know that you had purchased a Muse Two. Congrats alisonanna and thanks for posting the pics!

    Are you gonna update your YSL family pic too???? :graucho:

  4. I don't think I want to see!

    The Muse II was yesterday's loss of control. I have been pining for the teal like yours, but I love the slouchiness of the canvas bags. I have been so back and forth about it. I decided this will look great for spring/
    summer, it was a great sale price and I'm just going to throw caution to the wind and use it, if it gets dirty, then it does.
    Now I need to stay out of the mall and enjoy (and not think about the patent Easy :graucho:)
  5. Congrats, they're both such great bags! The praline Besace was a really nice choice and I've admired that Muse Two since we first saw it on Naomi and Katie. It will look great for spring/summer but I think you can even get away with it now, too, depending on the outfit.
  6. Oh oh oh that Muse II is delicous.... oh my I want one like right now.

    Do u mind me asking where u got it from and how much?

    Congrats they r both just lovely.
  7. congratulations!! both are gorgeous!!!
  8. I can smell the leather of your Muse II - so lovely!!!! Congratulations on your new purchases.
  9. So utterly gorg!! I KNOW you will get plenty of use out of them. Yay for you!!!
  10. That is probably my fave colour of the Muse II! Love it!
  11. what an awesome duo ... I LOVE everything about them, color, texture..congrats, V
  12. you are all so nice!! thank you everyone!

    hi, I got it from Nordstrom - it has just been sitting there ignored :sad: since the 60% sales started - they only have the beige patent and fur left at this store. They gave me an extra 10% too since I was so indecisive and annoying.
  13. Oh congrats on the great deal was fate!
  14. Note to self: Be more indecisive and annoying! :nuts:
  15. I love your new bags! That muse two will be great for the spring. They are great colors to go with one's wardrobe, too.