BE's new checkbook cover


Bonafide Bag Hag
Jun 20, 2007
Sunny Florida USA
Well, the other half of the vision I had (along with the zippered coin purses) has finally come to fruition. Yes, BE now has a checkbook cover. And ... they really did a spectacular job. If you look at my Nunnla's BEs thread, you'll see the metallic rosa chevre one as well as the "family" of other ones I had made. This thread is to highlight not only the aesthetic, but the functional as well. The only improvement I would make would be to add a loop to put a pen, and slots for credit cards or a windowed slot, for your ATM card. But, then it would have to go to the other atelier who makes the wallets. Marco doesn't do those. Doesn't have snaps like the pen case - specifically asked that they not be used since I also store all my ATM slips behind the slot into which the checkpad is inserted. You can see that there are two slots. One on the top into which you slip your check register, and the one on the bottom into which you slip your checkpad. This is the black crash one that I'm currently using.