Bertucci's Pizza

  1. We've discovered Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant. I think it's a chain. Has any one else tried it? And loved it? I think it's the best pizza I've ever eaten. We get a large so we can lunch leftovers for a couple of days. Plus the atmosphere in the restaurant is quite pleasant.
  2. I've been there-- it's ok I guess. I grew up in the NYC area so I'm a total pizza snob...
  3. REALLY good pizza!

    I also love their rolls.
  4. i like their rolls. but as far as pizza goes, i too am a ny snob...
  5. Another nyc snob here...I got food poisoning at the one in my hometown and so did a few of my friends back in hs, so we never ate there again :sad:. That location is still open and thriving, though!
  6. All you lucky people that get to have NY pizza! I've never been, but I do know the pizza is world-famous. :yes:
  7. worth the trip from maryland ;)
  8. yes, they have super large slices and taste much better compared to their other commerical compeition.

    anyone from Beantown can attest to that. LOL
  9. One of these days......:girlsigh:
  10. ^ This is a totally blasphemous thing to say, but I think North Jersey pizza is just as good:shrugs:

    I also like Chicago deep dish pizza, but to me it's like a completely different food...
  11. Another NYer here and you can't compare any other pizza to ours. Not even North Jersey even though its just across the water. You know why? It's the water. If you ever tasted NJ tap water, it's disgusting. NYC has great tap water compared to the rest of the country.

    You can't get a good bagel outside of the five boroughs either. Again, tis the water. It's also funny how people think NYC slices are so big. Some places around the country that I have been to don't even serve slices. Why would I want a whole pie of crap! Signed, Resident Pizza and Bagel snob!:hrmm:
  12. ^ That's because NYC water comes from the Catskills. And Catskills water (like from the tap in the Catskills) is seriously more delicious than any bottled spring water I've tasted! During the winter it comes out of the tap ice cold and frosty too. It's amazing!

    I must say though, I grew up on dirty Jersey water (which actually isn't dirty, because it has TONS of chlorine in it) and I REALLY miss it :shame:

    The water in PA is sooooooo soft and mineral-tasting by comparison. I've never gotten used to it :yucky:
  13. Bertucci's is good. Not the best I've ever had, but it's good. North End pizza in Boston is better.