Berry Tribeca Question

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  1. Did she only come in patent berry or was there a regualr leather version? I saw a woman at Macys with a berry Tribeca yesterday and it didn't look very shiny. Not sure if the patent Tribeca just wasn't super shiny or if they made both. Anyone know? Thanks!
  2. They didn't make a regular leather berry. Sometimes my tote doesn't look super shiny.
  3. Thanks! I want to get one, but I wasn't sure what I should stalk. ;)
  4. It's a GORGEOUS bag, no matter what color :tup:
  5. Patent loses it's shine over time.
  6. i have the berry patent and love it :yahoo: I have seen the black leather one, did it ever come in a black patent? i would love that too....
  7. I have the black leather and I love it. It is so soft and honestly would love to add a Berry to my collection