Berry, Topaz or Almond Stam?

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  1. I am trying to decide on a color for a quilted stam. While I recognize the versatility of a more neutral color, I really like bright colors. Which should I go for? tia
  2. If you like neutral color I would say go for Almond but I'm in love with topaz color. It's just beautiful!
  3. I vote almond, you'll definately get more use out of it...
  4. I adore the Topaz, and if I got a Stam in the near future, that's the color I would get!
  5. I love all of MJ's blue's. If you love bright colors then wear what you love- other people who love bright colors will notice and compliment you on it.
  6. Berry! Just thinking about it is making me drool :drool:
  7. I love it in either the almond or topaz. Both are GORGEOUS colors!
  8. All of the above! Sorry--- I love almost all colors!:P I think, though, for such a formal-ish bag that berry would be fun. My second choice would be almond.
  9. LOVE almond
  10. i like berry. it just looks so happy.
  11. Crap... I need to see berry again. I think I remember really liking this color in the stam but would need to see it IRL before deciding! Otherwise my choice would be almond.
  12. I have decided on the berry... will post pics when I get it.
  13. I was going to say berry too, so great choice!!
  14. yayy! the berry is my favorite... cannot WAIT to see pics:tup:
  15. BERRY, BERRY!!! :heart: