Berry Stam

  1. I was considering to get a Stam for a while; first I thought of Mouse but I went to see it at Nordies IRL and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would...then I thought of the python stams from Resort 2006 but by then I had heard of the Berry stams that are coming out! I saw that a few fellow tPfer's have already seen the bag IRL? I'm vacationing at a place that those much beloved departmnet stores, so I haven't seen one yet. Arrgh! Never have I cursed my vacation so much! So I heard it looks gorgeous IRL; where is it that you gals have all seen it at? Has anyone taken any pictures? I'm :drool: as I type!
  2. i don't have any pics, but i saw the berry at short hills mall (not the stam... but the little stam, accessories, aloyna, etc.) and you MUST get it. even my mom was swooning. TDF:heart:
  3. ahhh diabro has it up online... i think this may move to number 1 on my wish list:heart:
  4. NM has received berry stams I think, check there if you can't get to a MJ boutique.
  5. i just ordered my little stam from NM in san antonio after seeing pics of it in a different thread...the saleslady said that it's the same color as from 2005. when it comes i will post pictures!
  6. ^ really? i know a picture is not sufficient for comparison, but i thought the berry was more pink compared to the 05 bordeaux. they do look similar though. that's what i keep telling myself since i already have the bordeaux stam and i just bought a black venetia. i don't think my wallet can take another blow this month! i have a weakness for red bags.
  7. agree, I think the berry is more pink than the bordeaux... the bordeaux seems more saturated to me. I still think berry is a good substitute though!
  8. oh, I can't wait to see pics of the Berry color!! I want to go to SH mall and see it this week.