Berry Sabrina

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  1. I had one and stupidly returned it only to later find they were sold out! Anyone know if they will be making more of this color? I'm starting to really regret giving her up. I've found ONE on eBay but it's the large and I really don't do big bags.
  2. I didn't think they made a small Berry Sabrina :shrugs:
  3. Yes they made it in small and large.
  4. Yes, they did make it. I was with Mama when she bought it. I don't think they will make that color again.. I got rid of my large for the teal.
  5. The small did come in Berry and Teal, but unfortunately, it's next to impossible to find one in either color now.
  6. Rumor has it that there will be a grape color coming out, so if you can't get berry, then grape might do?
  7. Were they department store exclusives, like the small steel Sabrinas? I don't think I every saw a small berry or teal at any of my boutiques. Not that it matters since nobody has them anymore, but just curious.
  8. No I don't think the small was a dept store exclusive, even tho dept stores had her as well! i m pretty sure i saw her at my local coach boutique in small and large. I'd still try calling all local macys and see if they still have it, coach is sold out but some macys still have them as well, i just found a teal sabrina at one macys over here for example :smile:
  9. Anything's possible since more steel were produced. I'd keep watching the auctions though just in case. The grape does sound yummy too.
  10. Really????, I was told they didn't make a small teal. I really wanted this color so I went for the large.

    OP, dont give up I am sure one will come your way :flowers:
  11. I was offered the small berry at the outlet, so you might check there!
  12. when was that??

    I'm not going to stress, if it's meant to be it'll happen.

    If anyone is dying for the large there's a bag & wristlet I think on ebay right now for $499.99.
  13. Grrr! I was at Outlet today and they told me they didn't have any and probably wont until July??? She said "as long as they're on the website they won't be at outlet" and i'm like, well berry and teal ARENT on the website! I asked her to call me if any came in to sell and she said "we don't put anybody down unless they are officially in our store to sell." Whaever!!! I want one so bad but don't want to pay ebay prices! Grrrrrr!!! I did get a satin amanda teal wristlet though, for $30. But darnit I want that berry or teal sabrina!!!
  14. That's not true, mine put me on the list...
  15. i know, i had read on here where other people have too. it made me mad. they acted so weird about it. i guess it all just depends on who you talk to. my outlet was no help at all. they are really nice though, just very adamant when i asked about sabrina???