Berry Red Patent Nova check Brook or Berry Studded Rachel??

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  1. The answer would seem obvious but...!
    I can get both for approximately the same price. The Rachel is $2295+ which I can purchase for $900....iknowikow! And the Brook Hobo for $900 cdn taxes incl.

    The Nova Check with the Berry Red patent seems like such a chic twist on the classic, especially as I have the Berry Red patent Burberry stilettos which is the reason I'm deciding between the two handbags in the first place...

    Do you think the Rachel is too bold, limited and trendy and soon to be passe with the red studs /all red patent? Or, is the nova check too try hard??

    Style is classic demure chic for basics, but I'm super tall and love to play with high fashion and those hard to pull off pieces.

    I appreciate your opinions!
    Ps. I don't have a classic Burberry check in my collection at the moment.

    Thanks !!
  2. Please post pics so we can see the bags.