Berry Red B-bag

  1. Is this the berry red color?


    Does anyone HAVE the berry red? Can you please post a pic for me?

  2. I don't know, but that's gorgeous!
    She can be so pretty when she's not all skanked out :biggrin:
  3. That is the rouge; I am not aware of a berry-red.

    Check out for a full list of the actual colors by season.
  4. Yep,
    rouge it is. Was there ever a berry red?
  5. I don't see a rouge listed on Ateliernaff. She has the berry red listed as a Fall 05 bag, but I have not seen an actual photo of a berry red bag. Could they be the same thing?
  6. That's a purse she's carrying, I so want a rouge city bag!
  7. I think that's the rouge. I have a twiggy and it looks the same. There is a red from 03 but it isn't a blue/red and it has pewter hardware.
  8. i love that bag! esp in that color.
  9. Can someone tell me which red on the site is the rouge color? And is is the same as the berry red? I have an opportunity to get a berry red, but I have never seen one except for the swatch.
  10. That looks like the same color as my rouge Twiggy. That is definitely the Purse stye. I have one in pale rose. It's a great shoulder bag!
  11. ET, rouge is a fall 2005 color. It must have been recently changed to "berry red" on the Ateliernaff site. I'm not sure why; I've never heard it referred to that way up until today. It is listed as rouge theatre underneath of the berry red.

    This is a really nice color. The blue undertones really set it apart. Some reds can be slightly garrish and very flashy, but this red is bold while still being refined and classy. It's one of my favorite b-bag colors.
  12. I see it now! So you think the berry red and the rouge are the same? Do I need a berry red/rouge city?
  13. They are definitely the same color. The only other red is from 2003, and that red is brighter and it has silver/pewter hardware.

    If you like bright bags, the red/rouge city would be a great choice. The color will definintely add flair and some "pop" to any outfit. I have an unused red first that I purchased some time ago because I was trying to make up for not being able to find the purse. I love the color and have not wanted to part with the bag for that reason. It's a difficult decision to make but since I have yet to put it to use, I'm considering parting with it. At heart I don't want to because I am a BIG fan of the color. If you like reds that have a hint of blue in them, then this red is for you.

    If you are worried about not liking the color and having trouble returning it in the event that this happens, according to early reports, there is supposed to be a red in Balenciaga's fall line up. What the actual colors are still remains to be seen; I will believe the reports when the bags hit the sales floor. If you decide to wait for the fall colors, at least you would have the option of returning it if you discovered that the bag was not the right color for you.
  14. True. Good point. I saw the swatches of the rouge for fall, and it looks really nice. Maybe I will wait. I am more interested in the bronze for right now. Red is pretty strong for me...I tend more toward neutrals.
  15. ^^ ET, I think you have to really love red to carry the city in rouge. The city isn't a huge bag, but it's a fair size, so the color is really going to show. People are going to notice the bag on you.

    If you're on the bubble, I would recommend trying it on (or at least trying a similar size bag in red) to make sure that you feel comfortable with it before commiting to a binding purchase.