berry duffle owners (and other colors with stiffer leather)

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  1. Not sure but it seems that some colors of leather are stiffer than others...
    Do you find the leather is softening up nicely or is it not breaking in as nicely as the other colors that started softer?
  2. I have the violet and it was quite stiff at first. It is softening up already and I've only used 5 times. I anticipate it will continue to soften. I used Coach conditioner on it right away, not sure if that has an effect.
  3. Ty. I just received mine. Color is stunning but there ate two horrible scratches on it up by the buckle. Now I have to return reorder. What a pain.
  4. I'm using my stiff berry duffle for the first time today. Will report back later.
  5. Ty queen Lois. Keep this thread updated when you are able.
  6. Can you post a pic of what the Berry color duffle looks like?
  7. image-1809641598.jpg

    Here you go.
  8. Wow! Just after one day she's loosened up some and has a nice looking slouch starting. Love the color!
  9. No. Unfortunately, the slouch is forced. I push it down in the middle. Still very stiff. Used her both days over the weekend.
  10. Yeah, the leather is definitely different on the berry duffle that I have vs the cognac. The cognac has more grain (but not anything close to pebbled). I think the berry reminds me a bit more like the Kristin leather....super smooth and more structured. Although my berry has a lot of tiny wrinkles in it. Like I mentioned i have to return mine because it arrived with scratches in the leather, and I haven't decided whether to reorder or not yet. i do love the color though, but the leather is really important to me on bags. If this doesn't develop a good slouch and softness I won't like it.

    If anyone has any other updates on how their stiff leather is softening (or not) I'd appreciate it.

    What other colors are stiff?
  11. My first berry had wrinkles and scratches too. The 2nd one was very smooth. For me, the color won out over the stiffness.
  12. Wonder if they sent me the same scratched bag!?
  13. Oh lol. Dang.
  14. I returned mine to Oak Brook IL just last weekend.
  15. any updates on the softening of the stiff Berry (or other stiff colors) leather?