Berries twilly

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  1. Does anyone have a pic of the green berries twilly. I have ordered and paid for this twilly and I am due to pick it up in vegas next week, but I would like to at least see a pic of one.

    I have seen the pic of the other "berries" colorways and the colors look muted which is perfect if this holds true in the green since I am getting the twillys to wrap my vert anis ostrich birkin handles. Yet I have heard in the green colorway that the color is bright and I am just wanting to see a pic before I go, so that I am not in shock if the color is totallly off

    Thanks in advance
  2. I have a green berries cotton pocket square, which looks like this:

    My Designer Things 042.jpg
  3. ^^ that is so refreshingly pretty!
  4. ^^ thank you! I just wish I had seen a green berries twilly to know if it were similar to my pocket square. It is likely similar in green shade, I would imagine. I have a blue berries twilly and the background is light blue.
  5. Thanks Oregon.
    I hope it looks like yours. I will post a pic when I get it and let you know
  6. I popped into my H store today and looked into the twillies showcase.

    FleurDeLis, this is for you ...
  7. Delicious color and design!!!!!!! :yes:
  8. MrsSparkles, you are the best!! I think the green berries twilly is beautiful!

  9. wonderful pic, MrsS!
  10. Is there a Twilly Thread? Link? Or can someone start one?
  11. The green is so pretty! Thank you for sharing pictures.

    I think it will go with Vert Anis Ostrich. What do you think?
    Let me do a side by side.
    Thanks for thinking of me while you were at H. It really means alot

  13. ^^
    Oh yah, it will definitely match! The yellowish tinge in the berries will go nicely with your birkin, IMO! Can't wait till you post some pics of them together!
  14. i love the berries! its so cute