Berri Vs Duomo?which to get?

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  1. Quick pick please.Duomo hobo or the berri hobo??
  2. Duomo hobo
  3. Both are beautiful bags, but I'd choose Duomo. DE is always my preference.
  4. Duomo. Personally don't want to deal with vachetta at the base.
  5. Hey thanks everyone for their sugeestions.I like the duomo better too only beacause cant deal with vachetta at the bottom of the berri.
    Will soon do a reveal.
    Funny thing happened though,I live in india and the SA at the lv store here had no idea about tpf,I knew more about most of the things than her and she got so fascinated by it and was keen on seeing the forum.Lol.Love tpf and you guys❤️❤️❤️
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