Berri or Gucci

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  1. Ok everyone I have narrowed it down between these two bags. I realize this is a LV forum, but I like this Gucci too.

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  2. You should wait on the Gucci. There is a chance it will be 30% off next month during the private sale.
  3. Berri

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  4. Gucci! The bag is classic and will be around a long time and regardless of color, your bag will still be "in"

    The LV is going to be troublesome with the corners of the bag.
  5. As much as I'm an LV girl, that Gucci looks awesome. I'd go for that.
  6. Between the two I would choose Gucci.
  7. Gucci by a mile. 😍
  8. I have the Chain Soho bag in the nude color and i absolutely adore it! I would pick that over the berri. The gucci is classic and will never go out of style. I think once Berri gets worn in the vachetta at the base won't look as nice.

  9. Yes! They have sales and this color could be included. I would wait and see. But I'd definitely pick that orange Gucci.
  10. The color/hardware combo on the Gucci is gorgeous. You might have to look at each and see how easy each one is to get in and out of.
  11. Gucci all the way that bag is gorgeous and very versatile.
  12. I love that Gucci Soho Chain Tote, BUT keep in mind that the straps are just one big chain. That means if you pull on one strap, it will pull in the other end of the chain strap on the other side of the bag. I've watched youtubers complain about this because it makes it hard to open the bag and they have to put the bag down if they need to reach for something inside the purse.

    Otherwise, I would definitely go for the Gucci. :smile:
  13. another vote for the Gucci.. lovely bag... but wait for a sale...
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