Bernadette Peters - Nature or Plastic Surgery?

  1. How does Bernadette Peters stay looking so young? Do you think she's had work done? I looked at her pics through the years on getty images, and I don't see much evidence of sagging skin and then obviously tightened-back-up skin in later pics ??

    The woman has porcelain white skin...the sun exposure of everyday living should've caused her skin to sag & wrinkle more by now, dontcha think? She's turning 60 in February!!

  2. What? She's turning 60?!??! :wtf: She barely looks 35!!! Though her hands do show some age...
  3. Wow!!! She looks just like she did 10 years ago... I don't know what her secret is, but she's looking good.
  4. She doesn't like sun all! She said that in an interview many years back.
  5. Well, maybe being so fair-skinned and prone to burning has led her to protect herself more than the average person...but still, just everyday walking around should have done *something* to her skin ... I don't see any freckles or age spots or anything!! :hrmm: (no fair! ;) )
  6. This is a close up. She looks fantastic for her age.
  7. Thanks for the close up! Surely she's at least had a necklift...shouldn't there be more of a turkey wattle there by now?!! :p
  8. I think her hair keeps her looking young, too!
  9. don't know her but she looks really good.
  10. If she has work done it has been done very well - no Joan Rivers here!
  11. -wow is she really 60? Can't be!
  12. i think it's natural
  13. She looks fantastic, I can't believe she'll turn 60. Her skin is beautiful, staying out of the sun really does work, but perhaps she has had a little work done. But she looks very natural. I hope I look like that at 60!
  14. gorgeous~!!id love to know whatever it is she does!!
  15. She looks great...I mean 60?!! Wowsers!