Bermuda shorts or not.

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  1. How do we feel about Bermuda shorts, are they a Yea or a Nay? When I think about them I can see my dad in his plaid Bermudas in loafers and black socks. Yes he did! LOL :nuts:
    I’ve read that the new way to wear them is with chunky heels. What do you think?

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  2. When I think of bermuda shorts I picture something totally different. But if that's them, then they are cute! :smile:
  3. i think they work well on tall skinny ppl but i've always steered clear of them cuz i'm extremely short and stumpy :amuse:......but on the right figure with the right shoes i think they're a good alternative to shorts
  4. I agree with jc2239! I think it really depends on the person. I think that they are cute in theory, but just know that if I were to attempt this look (being so short), it would just look like capris.
  5. I LOVE them!

    I'm not too tall ( 5'5") and average skinny-ness. They look nice and relaxed with flip flops, but I especially love them with a feminine top and a cute little heel. :smile:
  6. I love them!..shorts are too short for me =D, I hate having long legs!
  7. I think they look great with tunics and sandals! Love them! I've bought a couple of pairs this season! They make your legs look longer!!
  8. I wore my Chip and Pepper Bermuda jean shorts today and they are sooo cute! I got tons of compliments actually, and they can really show off your sexy legs IMO
  9. I Like them, I have a wide leg black leather pair that I wear with black Knee high boots.

    Bermuda's also look good with strappy sandles.
  10. a big nay for me .... I'm petite .... those would make me look even shorter!
  11. I love them!! I was looking for them LAST summer and no one had them. It made me mad but now I've gotten a few pairs. The key to wearing them if you're short (like me-I'm 5'2) is to wear a cute pair of wedges with them for a bit of height. Just don't wear them with flats because it looks a bit weird but trust me, they make your legs look miles long. I can't wait to wear them when it gets warmer!
  12. I like them especially with a great pair of open toe shoes.
  13. big YAY I love em!
  14. a huge Yay :smile: they're so cute and can be dressed up or down. i love em
  15. I would have said "perhaps depending on body type", however, with the wedge heels I think they look very cute and stylish. Go for it!!