Bermuda.. Puerto Rico.. Grand Turk & Cacos .. St Thomas

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  1. Another good thing to do is check your ship's land excursions. You may not want to book them on the ship because they will definitely be more expensive than doing it on the islands, but you can get an idea of what you want to do. When you get your cruise documents in the mail, you'll get a brochure of all of the excursions with detailed explanations of what there is to do. Have fun!!!
  2. GO Power Snorkeling in St. Thomas. You ABSOLUTELY have to do this. There's a guy there named Captain Ron (not even joking), and he leads a power snorkeling trip. It's so much fun. You go on a boat ride out to this gorgeous cove, and then you get to use these torpedo looking things to zoom around the cove-tons of coral & green sea turtles. Afterwards, you snorkel without the power thing & then after about 30 minutes, it's back on the boat for drinks & heading back to St. Thomas.

    It was the best thing my friend and I did on that vacation. We still talk about how much fun it was.
  3. bumping this thread

    leaving in less than a month

    more opinions?