1. Dear Ladies,
    i've got inspired in singapore about the small i found out i need a 'low-profile', durable, not too big shoulder bag to hold 2 cellphones,an agenda,sunglasses,keys,make-up case.
    I asked for Berlingot in singapopre but the SA said they stopped to order it???!!!1
    Is it discontinued????
    Is it comes in Pm and GM?
    Can you short the shoulder-strap really short?

    Please give your opinions on this particular style!TIA
  2. Hi missmarbella, I have an ebene Barenia Berlingot in the smaller size. There are photos in the reference section. I think it fits the bill for what you describe above. I like that it is small enough to put into a 35 Birkin, and that it is under-the-radar (does not scream "H"). I haven't played with the shoulder strap much I'm afraid but haven't had issues with it.
  3. I think the capacity of the Berlingot is similar to the Christine.
    Here a pic of me wearing the Berlingot across with the strap shortened. I thiink it looks better when you lenghten the strap and wear it across the body or shorthen it to wear it on your shoulder.
    The Berlingot.JPG
  4. I absolutely love the berlingot! I saw on in Paris last month, but I don't know whether they're discontinued. Perhaps they're just not ordering them for the Singapore store any more? You can ring Paris or another store and check. BTW, the one I fell in love with was a PM in etoupe swift which I think was about 1760 euro.
  5. Thanks everyone for the answers!
    Pepper,it is sounds great if i can fit into my birkin as well,esp. when i am travelling
    MyPeko,your berlingot looks great.May i ask you what color is it?
    Xquisite,etoupe is my fav. color!!!!!!
    Today i will visit my local store and check everything out!!!!!
  6. The berlingot is in gold swift.

    Remember to ask for the price. I am considering in getting another one. Mine is approx. USD 2692.
  7. Thanks MyPeko!
    seems like we have similar 'bag-taste'!
    we both like Christine and Berlingot!!!
    The gold swift is really beautiful!
    is it GM,right?
  8. My Peko-beautiful picture
  9. I think this is the PM, will try to find the receipt and confirm.

    Yes I like the Christine and the Berlingot. I like shoulder bags to free my hands.

    Thinking of the Massai but it is lined with fabric instead of leather...hmmm?!

    Thanks Nola!