Berlingot/cles/keyholder: Which is better?

  1. I am thinking of getting something to hold all my keys. (with a remote) Which is better? I won't put any cards in there though. The berlingot looks so cute!! Anyone have pictures with Berlingot as a keyholder?? or what can actually fit in a Berlingot?
  2. It's adorable but IMO is kind of useless unless you're putting change or a small amount of cash in it. The cles are flat, at least, and can double as a CC or I.D. holder as well. Plus, they sit flat in your bags, whereas the Berlingot is bulky.

  3. :yes: :yes:
  4. I saw the Berlingot in stores and it was a lot larger than I expected...which made it look really awkward. I can't imagine it being really useful. A cles would be a much better investment :yes:
  5. i have both damier cles and 4-key holder..and i must say i love using them together!! if u only want to hold ur car keys, just get either one..the only setback to the key holder is that your remote will be sticking out..if you have one of those flat ones, then get a cles!
  6. I have the Berlingot and the Cles. My opinion is unless you're an MC fan, get the Cles for functionality. The berlingot has been sitting in my wardrobe...:sad:
  7. I like the idea of the pochette cles, its perfect on days or fast trips to pick up the kids or run to get bread and milk. No need to carry my entire wallet. I've had mine for some time now and its just great. I have a remote on mine along with house and car key. Having the cles has forced me to clean up my key ring :smile:
  8. The berlingot is sooo cute, but pretty much not functional as anything besides something pretty to attach to a bag. The cles is really useful, I prefer it to the keyholders. :yes:
  9. Cles!
  10. Cles
  11. You could get the new pouchette MM, if you are going MC. The MM is 4 x 6, so a little bigger, if you want your keys to actually fit inside, instead of hang out like on the cles. Or wapity might work for you can find lotsof threads on how much people like thier wapitys!

    The is suzie w's pic of her pouchette MM
  12. wow that´s soooooooo nice, twinkle!! dont know for what i would use it but it is so cute! congrats!

    I have 3 cles that I find so useful, but if you wont use it for stuff like coins or cards then what u are looking for is a keychain, besides, the berlingot is so so cute but a little bulky for a key holder. I had a mono key holder 4 that I sold so fast. It was so un practical, and right now the cles worked so nice 4 me.