Berkely ...

  1. Does anybody know if the berkely is a one shot deal or is it a seasonal or permanent item .. My SA has it on held for me but I am still thinking if I should get it .. they only receive 2 in the store :smile:
  2. I'm not sure the answer to your question, but I am curious whether its permanent myself. Either way, get it, its beautiful and unique.
  3. Yep its beautiful! Do get it!

    I would get it but I am want the Trevi PM more.
  4. Well when the bag was first supposed to be released back in May 07, it was quoted as a permanent piece. I guess stores are just getting their initial shipments now.
  5. I talked to my SA about the Berkeley this afternoon and she said that the Berkeley is permanent.
  6. Buy it only if you MUST have it, and absolutely LVoe it !!!!!!!
  7. yep, and if you'd notice, its on the catalogue when the trevi wasn't.. but it arrived several months after the trevi.. i wonder what went wrong with the berkeley..
  8. i have the berkeley in damier azur and it is stunning. i also saw the trevi today and am picking it up tomorrow, someone else's loss is my gain. they both are scrumptuous