Berkeley~~~where are you?

  1. Ok- so I just talked to 866 and they told me that Berkeley's release date was yesterday but the US has not received any? True? I don't know---- anybody seen one at their store?

    Also asked how limited Miroir was and she told me "about the same as Speedy but not as limited as Pochette". :sweatdrop:

  2. Huh?? The Miroir answer was no good...It should be about the same as Speedy but more limited than the Pochette...:confused1:

    Berkeley. I thought somebody here said November?
  3. I heard November as well, although one of my SA's thought it was mid-July. But the info here is usually better than any boutique's! I am impatiently waiting to see this baby too, although I can definitely wait financially!
  4. i SAW the latest manager look book.It is now scheduled for NOVEMBER..SNIFF!

  5. Hmmm :shrugs: I don't know? Were there a lot more Pochettes created than Speedy's?

    November....... sounds sooooo cold and far away! :push:

  7. :tdown: November .............. that sucks. I'm thinking about getting one...... the price is better than Miroir Lockit--- $1420 so :shrugs: I'm still deciding.....
  8. Oh, I definitely think so...not to mention that fewer people listed for the Miroir Pochette.

    I added my name to a store's list in early December for the silver pochette and I was 5th!
  9. Thanks for the info Karman--- ;) Love the Pochette!
  10. Called again today (OMG- feeling like a stalker now) and the SA Carol told me that yep- Berkeley's date is November............. waaaaaaaaahhh! OK- fine- perhaps it'll be a b-day present!

    Aaand... in a very odd tone told me "Sometimes we say an item or line is limited but you know, eventually it may become permanent.."

    to which I replied

    "You mean, maybe this stage of Miroir is how LV is testing their grounds for future permanent?"

    "Yes. But right now, the Miroir Lockit is very limited and considered a Limited Edition"

    whoa. crazy.
  11. God those sound like riddles!

    Pochette where pretty easy to find in stores but speedies I don't think ever hit the shelves
  12. Very tricky.

    I remember somebody posting how they had SO'd a damier speedy and they had it for like 2 years before the official permanent release of damier---- but they paid way over the top for one..... and this is how I would think about Miroir---- for those who have had it and paid the top dollar, at least they've had it for that much longer....

    :shrugs: oh well- mine will be here Thursday! YAHOOO!!!
  13. I doubt they will ever be permanent (miroir), but isn't that what they did with MC?
  14. ^^ Yes that's exactly what they did with MC...had I known, I would have held off rushing to get the MC Alma! :cursing:
  15. What was the time lapse between those special MC and the regular MC?