Berkeley - the next hot to-be-sold out bag?

  1. I just noticed its on the LV website now and is still in stock. Do you think this will follow in the footsteps of the Trevi and Tivoli and sell out quickly?
    I wanted a Trevi for a while, but after seeing it won't be replenished for a bit AND with people's posts that its heavy...its giving me second thoughts. I like the style of the Berkeley and from the description it says can be adjusted to carry on the shoulder..?
  2. I don't really think so actually, a lot of people are turned off by the Azur... gets dirty too easily, vachetta shows patina more, etc.
  3. I'm having second thoughts on this gorgeous baby. Since I've been sick I haven't been able to pick mine up yet and I've had all this time to re-think my purchase. All that vachetta really worries me. I told my SA to just ring it up for me just in case I end up liking it IRL. We'll see....
  4. I really really wanted it when I first saw it many months ago, but I'm not sure anymore. I think it looks like a big speedy and I have started to like slouchier bags. But I'm actually going to check it out right now so I will report when I get back!
  5. I like it in the ebene...all that vachetta on the azur scares me, even though its gorgeous. I have yet to see it in RL, though (have not called my local LV yet). Usually seeing it in RL is my deciding factor.
  6. I think it will sell quick we've been waiting a year for this baby the first batch is not going to hang around long
  7. The Azur has way too much vachetta for me. I have plenty of room in my Speedy 30 so I think the Berkeley would be too big. Nice that you can wear it on the shoulder though. LV needs more shoulder bags.
  8. Yeah, I'm kinda having second thoughts myself ... maybe I've just been wanting it so long and got teased so many times by LV postponing the release date a couple of times. Maybe I'll wait to hear tPFrs opinions when they have used theirs for a little while, see if they still like it!
  9. I saw the ebene IRL today and IMO, it wasnt TDF...but im biased, even from the pics I wasnt in love, but I do love the plaque!

  10. ITA...I know I've been on the waitlist since Oct/Nov 2006. I actually just turned down the Azur 3 days ago when it was offered to me.:wtf: I wanting the Ebene instead. I hope that wasn't a stupid decision....:confused1:
  11. I was excited about this bag....until I tried it on. I like a bag I can also put on my shoulder. While it does fit, the bag is just too bulky under the arm. I will be waiting for the Trevi...
  12. hmmm sounds like no one is really hooked on the Berkeley.....
  13. I like the look of the Berkeley, but from what I hear, its not comfortable to wear on the shoulder....more of an arm bag.....I'm surprised there aren't more people posting pics of this, but maybe not all stores have them in yet...??
  14. ^^^I just got off the phone with my fave SA and she said they only got 3 of each in, and she prefers the azur better ... her words "the ebene looked a little too "fuddy-duddy" (sounded that way), does anyone know what that means exactly?
  15. it means kind of old boring a bit dull/consersative