Berkeley Really worth it???

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  1. So I'm looking for my next bag and the Berkeley really caught my eye...

    I like that it looks feminie despite of it's damier ebene pattern (i don't want azur). I like the front plate, the wide opening and the two side pockets and the fact that you can put it over the shoulder...which will come handy when my little one comes!

    only thing that bugs me is the price. I just find it really overpriced.

    Comparing it to a Speedy which is $1000 less than the Berkeley it doesn't offer that much more.... question to you you think it's "worth" it? I think if it was around $1200-$1400 i would buy it no question..but because it's $1600+ already, it just doesn't seem to justify it to me...

    i saw it on a person at a restaurant and it just looked so classy and elegant, and feminine! and I fell in love! :P

    thanks! :smile:
  2. I really like it, think it's much nicer than a Speedy.
  3. My friend has the damier and I have borrowed it and I love it. It is worth the money
  4. So worth it!! I have it and it has a wow factor that the speedy doesn't have....
  5. It is a great bag. I bought this bag shortly after it was released but ended up selling it. It is a beautiful bag---inside and out, but I found that I was more of a monogram fan.

    It's definitely worth it!
  6. it is definitely worth it compared to a speedy. you don't see it as much as a speedy. i would love to have it as well, but it's not within my budget. :[
  7. it's such a gorgeous bag, not as common as the speedy. def worth it imo :yes:
  8. yeah, in comparison to the speedy..the berkeley by far beats it! thanks everyone for their comments!
  9. I love the look of the berkeley, the only thing that puts me off is I want the Azur and it would be soooo hard to keep clean. Seeing as you are after the damier though I say go for it.
  10. I love that it is not everywhere.
  11. ^^I agree!
  12. it is a beauty! not as common as speedys.
    if you can afford it, get it! :heart:
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    Go for it. I love my Berkeley Azur & it's not high maintainance. It looks like this after 9 months.

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  14. ^^^ ooooh, that's gorgeous Evalv!
    i always thought this was like a special occasion type of bag instead of everyday like a speedy.
  15. It's a much nicer structure than a speedy, and the plate gives it something extra. It's more, but I think worth it ! :yes: