Berkeley Questions...

  1. This is for those of you who already own the Berkeley, or who have tried it on in the stores. How comfortable is it to carry on the shoulder? Does the outside strap fall down and how annoying is that? Is it too bulky under the arm? And, finally, how easily does the brass plate on the front get scratched?

    My best LV friend received a beautiful Ebene Berkeley the other day, but she's having trouble deciding whether or not it is the "perfect" bag for her. She's about 5'3" tall (if that) and has a pretty tiny frame and she's concerned that the bag looks too bulky. We compared it side-by-side to my Speedy 30, and although it is just the teensiest bit wider than my Speedy at the base, it is more constructed, so it won't smush against the body as much as a Speedy would (if, indeed, you could carry a Speedy over your shoulder. You would have to be about 7 years old to do that, I think.:nogood:)

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I don't think the Berkeley is actually meant to be worn on the shoulder bag. I looked at it in the store and thought it was very pretty, but it was too bulky for me and I sadly decided against it. It's pretty, but I think it's too wide and bulky to try to wear on the shoulders with straps that are a little too short. It's actually considered a hand-held. If your friend is that tiny, I'm afraid it might overwhelm her. I do like the plate and don't think it would get too scratched so I wouldn't worry about that. It seemed bigger than my Speedy 30 to me, maybe because it's more constructed.
  3. The sad thing, charleston-mom, is that she spent quite a lot of time on the phone with an SA trying to decide whether she should have this bag sent out to her and one of her REQUIREMENTS was that she be able to carry the bag on her shoulder. She has a Tivoli PM (never carried) that she's not sure she will keep for that same reason. The idea was that she would decide between the two and now I think she's getting ready to send them both back.:sad:
  4. Just got my azur berkely few days ago...i m 5"2, I found that i look best carrying her hand-held, I would look out of portion if i m wearing her on my shoulder. I like it b/c i think the berkely hold the shape better than speedy, and the plate makes the bad look fabulous!
    But if your friend is actually looking for something around the shoulder, like a tote..I would actually get the hampstead!
  5. I had the Berkeley and ended up returning it. It doesn't work as a shoulder bag, although you can get it up there it's too bulky and one strap kept falling. In the store I absolutely loved it. After getting home and putting my things in it sagged. I was surprised. I figured with the lining and the leather around the bottom of the bag & corners it would have been more structured. But in the was alot of money spent on a bag that was way too similar to the Speedy 30. Just my opinion (and my
  6. oh dear guys, i'm sorry you're having so many problems! i hope your friend can make a decision! has she looked at the beverly mm? it's a nice shoulder bag and it shouldn't overwhelm her-i love mine!
  7. wow - I wouldn't expect it to sag?
    I love this forum that we can get feedback from others before buying what we think we would like.
  8. Hmmm I am thinking of looking at this bag IRL this week...I have been wondering the same questions as listed above!
  9. I tried it yesterday and it did not fit on my shoulder comfortably at all! Plus I didnt like how the zipper was. Overall it was a :tdown: for me.