Berkeley or Mahina XL?

  1. I have the Trevi GM and it is my very 1st LV! I was never a fan of LV but now I'm so impressed by the quality!

    Anyhow I was wondering for those of you who love LV can gimme some good advice. I am deciding if I should keep the LV Berkeley in ebene because my husband just bought it for me for my bday which is in 2 days and I'm not sure because I actually also like the Mahina XL ♥ ♥ ♥ I use Trevi for work and I'm looking for a bag for everyday (My Trevi GM is too big for a quick run to the store), but Mahina XL is so gorgeous... Help please? Thank you!!!
  2. Go for the Mahina XL if you can get your hands on one. Happy Birthday to you!
  3. i would choose the berkeley because i think it can be an everyday bag :smile:
  4. I vote for the Mahina - gorgeous bag!
  5. Mahina! It is gorgeous, feminine, and you can wear on your shoulder too.:tup:
  6. i would keep the berkley coz my hubby bought it for me
  7. I love my Mahina, it's a good everyday bag. But the Berkeley is nice, too. And your Hubby bought it for you... It might also not be that easy to get a Mahina by now (depending on which color you want...)
  8. Mahina... no brainer. Wow. For a just-past-first-timer, you have really stepped all the way to the TOP!
  9. Keep the Berkely! It's so beautiful and your husband got it for you.
  10. Mahina!
  11. I love the Mahina. Its my favorite bag LV makes
  12. Mahina!
  13. I say is GORGEOUS!
  14. Hang on to the Berkeley because it's a special gift from your husband. It might be a bit hard to locate a Mahina at the moment, but there is a smaller sized Mahina coming out later in different colors so you may be able to get both if you wait.
  15. mahina!!! love this purse.. wish i had one in gris :heart: