Berkeley on french website????

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  1. I just saw the berkeley on the french vuitton website, can anyone confirm it availalbe in the europe????? Sorry I've beeen waiting so long for this bag and was so depressed when it was pushed from june to step to nov to jan without official reason we should demand an official reason for the delay. Has anyone seen the actual bag?
  2. [​IMG]

    oh, its pretty. :smile:
  3. I am still wondering about the handles, since they get so much thinner near the bottom of the handle (where its adjustable), how is this going to look after being carried for any period of time. Do you guys think they handles will stay up after prolonged use, for they would look terrible (IMO) if they end up looking unstable and uneven after a while.
  4. looks like itd be sweet. i really like it and my mom is like totally in love!
  5. I saw some one with this a few weeks was weird since i never saw it in person and i thought it hadnt been released but i didnt want to ask her about it..
  6. I live in Denmark and I´m waitlisted for it right now. My SA told me that I can expect it in 2- 3 weeks - that now means next week or the week after:yahoo:So I guess its not available right now in Europe, but its coming.

    I´m not sure about it though. I have to see it irl and compare it to the Duomo, before I make up my mind, since the Duomo was the one I feel in love with first.
  7. It really reminds me of the Stephen without the pleat!
  8. I don't think I'd ever buy it, but it's very cute though!!
  9. I love this bag in Azur, hope they come out soon.

  10. Tivoli GM had handles just alike that's why I didn't buy it. When I tried it on it didn't feel comfy. And I don't like the way it looks either. The top is sturdy while the bottom is soft. Weird combination....
  11. I'm really starting to love this bag .... especially in Azur. :drool:
  12. Beautiful, but all that vachetta scares me! I am on the waitlist for this bag and after looking at this picture, I really want it, but I don't want to worry about vachetta. Sigh...
  13. Love the bag. Anyone know what other styles are coming out soon in AZUR?
  14. I so want one!!!
  15. I'm not sold on it at the moment.