Berkeley delayed -again!

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  1. I´ve been waitlisted for the Berkeley ( ebone) and two times my SA told me, that I could expect it in November. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my boyfriend and droped by LV to ask about it- and now the SA told me that its release date has been pushed forward to 1th February 2008! And it´s only an expected release date!

    He was very sorry ( not his fault, I know but still..) I could´nt wait that long, I wanted a daimer bag for the winter now - so I bought the Duomo:wlae::p

    I´ve been wanting this bag for a long time, but had to see the Berkeley irl to make up my mind - but I always had the feeling that it was the Duomo, that was going home with me in the end;) And it was, I know I made the right decision - the Duomo is much more elegant and can be used with jeans or a nice dress.

    I will post pics later! I´m sooo happy! Happy 2th December to all :smile:
  2. I am glad that you came out with a smile on your face... I, myself, have given up on waiting for the Berkeley.
  3. Yeah, it has been on and off the LV web site. I wonder if its ever gonna some out?? But I´m sure I made the right choise - so is my boyfriend. Good to know he has taste ;)
  4. Duomo is a very lovely purse, congratulations and enjoy!! I too have been waiting for Berkeley since March, hoping to see it IRL someday....
  5. What is it about this bag that they keep putting it off?
  6. I have been waiting too, I can't wait to see it!
  7. They should just not set a release date and release it by surprise. This must be so frustrating for those who have been waiting for the Berkeley for the longest time (since the info was released, perhaps)
  8. this and the damier neverfull.... *sigh*
  9. Congrats on the Duomo!
  10. Wasn't it in the Christmas catalogue??? What is it with this bag, that they keep pushing it back? Gaaah!
  11. It will definitely be released....time table is between Jan - Mar 2008....if you can wait that long !!!!!!!!
  12. Not me - I wanted a daimer bag this Winter/Fall and I had my eye set on Duomo from the begining. Berkely seems very pretty and flashy but I´ll stay with my first intuition.

    Maybe thats why Berkeley has been pushed forward again and again- its Destiny telling me of all people on this planet that Berkeley isn´t right for me " take Duomo":p So I guess now it will be released very soon :yes: