Berkeley Date Code

  1. Hi. I found the location of the datecode on my new Azur Berkeley, but I can't figure out the code: DD (?maybe, hard to decipher)3087. The tag on the inside says Spain but I don't know about the "DD") I figure this handbag was built in the 38th week of 2007 right?
  2. Can you please post a pic?

    38th week of 2007 is correct
  3. Hi Addy,
    Here are some photos. I had a very difficult time trying to get the date code to photograph decently. I think the second letter is an "U" and I still can't make out the first, perhaps a "P" or "B"? the numbers are: 3067. Trying to find the code was bad enough. The color of the lining -- not real easy to read the stamp with my elderly eyes!
    berk 004.jpg berk 013.jpg berk 014.jpg
  4. The ones we know from Spain are:

    Spain: CA, LB, LM, LO, LW

    Could it be DU? That would mean it was made in France unless this is new for Spain. Please post a pic of the heat stamp.
  5. I wonder where can I locate the date code from my berkeley?
  6. ^^^ Try looking along the seam in an inside pocket
  7. As you are looking into the bag, turn the lining inside out. The code is located on the top part of the large pocket near the seam towards the edge of the bag (meaning, not near the cell phone pocket.) Hope this helps. I'm a little dyslexic about left and right, so forgive me for not giving left right side directions!
    Hope this helps.