Berkeley Damier or Damier Azur?

  1. Your thoughts, please...
  2. I like it more in the Damier,
    It looks nice in Azur to
    But i think Azur might get abit dirty
    I can't wait to see it in November!
  3. I really like the Berkeley in Azur, but all that vachetta is worrisome to me. I'll just have to wait and see it IRL to make my decision. If I didn't have my Damier Highbury, I would get the Damier Ebene Berkeley, too.
  4. I love the berkeley in azur
  5. Azur!
  6. I love it in Azur too, but I'm worried about all that vachetta and it also rains constantly in the fall/winter where I live so I may not even be able to enjoy it if I get it in Nov!
  7. I also like the Azur more but I would be afraid for the vachetta.