Berkeley Azur on e-luxury right now

  1. thanks for the tip! i checked it out and it's "not in stock" already arggghhh! And it's so much cheaper than if I get it from my local LV!
  2. it's still available on
  3. I hope a tPFer got it! It was gone within minutes of my post!

    Oh and you're right pinkydoodle I think there is still some on!
  4. Keep trying on elux ... it pops in and out. I know that if you let it sit too long in your shopping cart, it magically goes away ... LOL!
  5. Sooooo tempting! I love this bag in azur!
  6. i think it's actually sharper in damier ebony. that's what i'm going for.
  7. I do too, but all that vachetta is kinda scaring me ...:sad:
  8. hope someoen get it and post modeling pics..:p
  9. My mono riveting has about the same amount of vachetta and it is aging nicely. I actually think the azur berkeley will look great w/some patina!
  10. ^^^ Oh sure now you tell me ... I just passed on this beauty! LOL!
  11. i wish they have the Damier available. I thought of letting go my Azur speedy and get this instead since they are kinda similar.
  12. I want it in Azur- so pretty for spring!!
  13. I just drove by the LV boutique and saw these (ebene and azur) babies in the window. They are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I made my husband turn around so I can see if there were any available for sale :cursing: