Bering / Navy Cervo Hobo

  1. Hello from Bodega Bay. Thought I'd post some photos of my new-to-me Cervo Hobo. I'm not sure the official name of the color. The white tag has the single line number and in the little searching I did, Bering came up. But I think China was carried over also.


    And yes, that's Harry in the background.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! The color is just beautiful, I'm a blue lover. The leather looks amazing too....I like how it's lounging on the deck!!!!
  3. So pretty! Enjoy.
  4. Love the color. It's a nice neutral blue. Now you are inspiring me to add a blue BV to my collection. Shhh... Don't tell DH.
  5. And you have inspired me--several times actually!

    I don't wear a lot of blue but I like how a blue bag looks with the colors I do wear--black, grey, and white. The idea of this bag is to serve as a seasonal transition bag -- you know how in Northern CA we have that weather from say mid September through October where it's not really fall per se but not summer either? And the same for the March-May time -- it's not warm yet but it doesn't quite feel like spring yet either.
  6. That is the perfect blue!! It's the color I've been looking for.. you think it is Bering?
    Enjoy your new bag- it's beautiful!
  7. Oh my - that is just gorgeous. Very ink-inspired, I'd say. I think China is darker with more black tones... This is a jewel blue, very nice. What color is the lining?
  8. Lining is the BV taupe suede. When I first saw it, I thought it might have purple lining.

    I agree that I think China was darker. I don't think they made Indigo in Cervo (in the auction photos it looked a bit brighter so I thought it might be that.). What do you think it might be?
  9. I just don't know. I did a Google search and Bering looks too dark for this. I wonder if any SA could help identify the color from the row of numbers on the tag... There's got to be some method to that particular madness...
  10. Hey Grietje,
    I am going to be spending a lot of time in Sacramento in 2014. We need to have some BV meet ups.
  11. So here's a reveal of the same (????) bag:

    I am half tempted to write to David at the Carmel boutique. He knowS I buy used as well as from him. I do feel sheepish about though--like I'm cheating on him. :shame:
  12. I'll hold you to this... I'd threaten to beat you with a Cervo but India will be all over me and you could beat me back with one of yours.
  13. Dang, we can't damage a Cervo Hobo. I'm game. See you soon! Will PM you.
  14. Oh come now! We know BVs are tough!
    Since we each have more than one, we could wear one as a helmet of sorts, the other for the beating. Throw in the Knot for a good thump!:lol::lol:
  15. No way for my beloved Plum SO knot! See you soon my BVette friend.