bergucci web page

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  1. so i read a lot of the posts about this web site. i wanted to order i too have only bought my lv's from the store or sacs . is the merchandise from bergucci store fakes/?
  2. pardon my incorrect spelling i mean Saks.
  3. hmm...i definitely think that site is fake, in fact isn't there another thread going on about that? someone ordering to do an experiment? i could be wrong but i think that is the same site.
  4. Yes, fake. Only is authorized to sell LV.
  5. i am new to this kind of posting thing and saw that the other forum about this site was closed . since i saw the great prices i need more info. i emailed them and they are saying the goods are authentic.
  6. Of course they are - they can hardly admit they're all fakes after the bluster on the website. And if you mean, they're completely fake.