Bergdorf's Last Call

  1. I went to Bergdorf's today and there were tons of gorgeous shoes!!:drool: I know all the stores are having their last call soon, approx. this week!!
    Does anyone know when Bergdorf Goodman is having its price slashed again?? :graucho:
  2. Minnie,
    The shoes are going on second markdown on Monday. And I think the clothes and bags have already been marked down 2 or 3 times.
  3. this monday or today it happened?
  4. Not today! Today I was there and they were up there :smile:
  5. A noticed that a pair of pedro garcia shoes on the site have been marked down $20 from the price yesterday...looks like they have started some further markdowns on the site
  6. I should have clarified that - Monday, the 16th. But in the past, I have noticed that they start marking down the shoes the day before, so check in on Sunday. There is still a pretty large collection also.
  7. Lots of Louboutins on sale.
  8. Wow -- I was at BG New York yesterday and have never seen so many designer shoes on sale! I think a salesperson said 5,000 pairs!!! Lots of Choo, CL, MB, etc. But seems like just one markdown so far, but lots of stock still.

    I managed to resist however because I had picked up a Jimmy Choo bag earlier in the day at their sale, 50% off!