Bergdorfs and Niemans?

  1. Anyone know if you buy something at the Bergdorfs store in NYC, can you return it to a Nieman Marcus store? I bought a bag last month from Bergdorfs and my cc statement said Nieman Marcus as the vendor.
  2. Well, if the CC slip says Neiman's, then take it to Neiman's and don't tell the SA where you bought it. She'll never know. But yes, they are the same store. When I call them on their 800 numbers, the SA's mix up the names, and they themselves don't even know if they're talking to a Bergdorf call or a Neiman call.
  3. My cc company shows the vendor as Nieman Marcus but the receipt itself says Bergdorf Goodman in huge font, so I don't think any SA can miss it. I knew they were affiliated, but was just wondering if Nieman Marcus SA's were ok with taking returns from their affiliate.
  4. You should have no problem. Take all your documentation. I gather you have no Bergdorf's near you?
  5. Well, Bergdorfs is in NYC and I live in the suburbs so it's hard to go into the city, with traffic and parking, etc. But if I absolutely had to, I could but I'd rather go to a mall.
  6. I think customer service at NM could take care of it..not the dept it was purchased in, per se. Also, the sku tags say bergdorf on them so I don't think a NM SA would overlook it. Have u called customer service to confirm?
  7. I guess I'll call them when the stores open here. Thanks.
  8. They are under the same company, but different stores although you can use either the Bergdorf or NM CC at both stores. I've purchased things from Bergdorf's but have not been able to return at Neiman's. I've had to send it back or wait until my next NYC visit to return things.

    It's exactly like buying something from Gap company - you can use their CC at the GAP, BR, Old Navy, etc., but clearly, you can't return something from the Gap to BR, vice versa.
  9. I talked to the NM store and they said that they will take it and send it back to BG but you have to pay the shipping fee plus you get credited when they receive your merchandise at BG, so it's really no better than you just sending it yourself. So, I've deciced to go there in person and return, less hassle.
  10. that's a pain in the a$$, why should u pay for shipping? They should waive it.